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Drug Enforcement Administration

Look up DEA license information by name, or by license number. There is no charge if the record is not found. The report includes the location, business type, expiration date, and schedules.


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) grants licenses to physicians, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals that allow them to prescribe and dispense medication to individuals who need it. Each person is given a unique number from the DEA when their application for licensure is approved. They need this number to apply for a license to practice medicine, and failure to get the license before seeing patients can result in felony charges.


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NOTICE: EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2009 - A change in DEA policy that used to allow registrants up to 7 months after expiration date to renew and still retain their original DEA number has been changed to 30 days. Registrants are still not allowed to handle controlled substance if their DEA registration has expired.


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